T’was the day after Christmas, and all the kids were in town.
The family’s together and they all gathered round,
for portraits and pictures to remember this time,
dressed in their best, all looking fine.


Mom was all smiles and dad sure seemed proud.
The kids had grown up and were a merry ole crowd.
“The kids are all characters,”  so mom advised.
When caught by their joking,  I wasn’t surprised.


Fun, sweet ole sis, just a cut above,
generous and giving full of puppy love.


Tall dark and fit is this sons claim,
making you smile is most certainly his aim.


As free as the wind, this spirit goes,
complex and contemplative, he struck a pose.


Jokes and jests the youngest provides,
till your bent over laughing, grabbing your sides.


Mom is no different she just couldn’t resist,
when posed with her daughter she plated a kiss.


The boy were all walking just looking fine,
so we turned them around and posed them in line.


They might be silly and a little bit loud,
but I can see now, why dad is so proud.
They’re full of good times and every day cheer,
wishing their friend a happy new year!