For St. Patty’s day Liane Candice Photography headed up to Salem for a worthy cause. The Parent Teacher Committee at Sumpter Elementary led by Rene Tyson hosted an auction at the Creekside Golf Club. Along with donating to both the Live and silent auctions, we attended the event to capture the festivities and take photos at the photo booth.

Guests were treated to a finely prepared meal and dessert was a cake run auction. As mentioned this event featured both silent and live auctions, with items from dozens of local vendors. Guests were feeling quite generous and raised a boatload of funds for the school. Totals are still being tallied; we’ll let you know when we get a final count. Among other things, the proceeds from this event will go to fund upgrades to the AV in the gym for school assemblies.

That night we heard from principal Prats who has been serving at Sumpter Elementary since 2004. Mrs. Prats brings an enormous amount of passion and drive to the school. One of the highly sought after auction items was the School Slumber Party with the Principle. Judging by Mrs.Prats description these kiddos don’t actually do much in the way of slumbering until they come home the next day. Principal Prats says she gains great personal connections with the kids who attend this event. The slumber party sounded like so much fun. I want to go. But alas, I am not a Sumpter Elementary School student. (Maybe I could come for a little bit and take some photos!)

The event was spectacular.

As promised Liane Candice Photography created a mobile app for the event. Please fill out the form and we will email you the link to the mobile app. Images can be shared and downloaded for personal use and sharing.