Simplicity Weddings is looking for Church Venues and Clergy


What is a “Pop-up wedding”

A new trend in the wedding industry is to have quick minimally planned small “Pop-up” weddings. These are low cost, low planning, low-stress gatherings to exchange vows, get married. These weddings are usually organic being planned and carried out by the bride and groom and perhaps some close friends and family. At it’s most extreme it goes something like this, “Meet us a the park this Saturday at 11:00 am. We are going to get married and then maybe we will go out and get something at a local restaurant. The wedding industry has seen a way to capitalize on the trend by offering some affordable packages with professional services at low cost. This “Pop-up” industry has begun commercializing the untouched market. 

This trend has some good and bad side effects. Weddings are offered at a lower cost. Minimal planning or thought is required. Commitment levels may range from very high to extremely casual. There is less of a waiting period. 

What is Simplicity Weddings

Simplicity wedding is based on the concept of “pop-up weddings.” We offer affordable inclusive wedding packages in as little as 8 weeks. We are a values-based network of businesses. We offer couples elegant weddings at affordable prices. We do this by controlling some of the variables that drive up prices. Simplicity Weddings are 2-hour events for the couple and their guests. The event sized is kept to 25 guest plus the bride and groom. (In the future we may expand this to up to a maximum of 50 guests) This is ample time and size to have an intimate ceremony and refreshments reception. We are able to provide the pageantry and elegance but cut our the expensive and unnecessary pomp that drives up prices. Simplicity Weddings take place at off-peak hours – weekdays during daytime hours. This allows us to negotiate lower prices with our venues and vendors. Peak times will eventually be offered with limited availability and for an additional cost. 

Why is Simplicity Weddings Different

Couples receive all of the standard wedding services through Simplicity Weddings. Photography, florals, venue, officiant, planner, cake, refreshments are included in most of our packages. Couples can choose one of our packages which start at $1600 and can choose from a variety of options to customized their experience. Our team takes care of all of the details including setup and cleanup. 

In addition to these services, we include pre-marital counseling for all of our packages. We have partnerships with local religious leaders and licensed counselors. Couples can choose the counseling situation that best suits them. This is why we call ourselves a values wedding company. It has been proven that couples who receive premarital counseling have longer lasting and better marriages than couples who do not. We also believe that is just as much a positive result if a couple decides to postpone or cancel their wedding. 

Our Core Beliefs

The average wedding in America costs $35,000. Waiting to get the perfect venue and vendors can take 18 months or more to reserve. This is excellent for the industry, but we do not believe it is good for the couples. While it is good to invest in a marriage we see that more often people are investing in a wedding. While it is not the only reasons extended waiting periods contributes to cohabitation before marriage. Additionally, it has become an increasing trend to see weddings move out of the church. Many couples often choose to have a family member or friend get ordained online to officiate the ceremony.

  • We believe that weddings should be affordable. (There are better places to spend large sums of money.)
  • We believe that weddings happy and not stressful.
  • We believe that wedding planning should take less time to plan and execute. 
  • We believe that couples who have pre-marital counseling have better marriages.
  • We believe that we should see weddings return to the church.
  • We believe there should be or emphasis on the marriage than the wedding.

Whan to work with us

We are looking for churches and pastors who are willing to host, to counsel and perform ceremonies. We would rent facilities for 3-4 hours and our team will take care of the details. We ask for a  low rental fee so that we can keep our prices low. Pastors will be compensated for officiating and pre-marital counseling. Because we are working with a network of venues and churches this should not place a large burden on any one partner. 

We are offering service to the public and will serve a variety of couples from all walks of life. In addition to religious ceremonies, couples are able to select secular ceremonies. It is up to the church and clergy to set limits and boundaries on what weddings they are able to officiate. It is up to each church and pastor to lovingly define their boundaries. Simplicity Weddings will not post this information but use it to match couples with the correct venue and officiant.

You can view the Wedding Customization page. We invite you to take a look at it and test it. This page is a preview and we are not taking reservations yet. Any submissions will be considered testing. You may share this with staff, but please do not share it publicly at this time.

I look forward to speaking with you.

Liane Candice