In Houston we are so blessed to have many great and wonderful preschools, and this is the case for St. Cuthberts Preschool. In April the preschool held a wonderful dinner and silent auction. Liane Candice Photography was pleased to donate a Signature Session for the family,and 16×20 signature artwork.

This family said they knew they had to bid on this item. It had been quite some time, and they did not have current family portraits. They were so  excited at the end of the dinner, when they won the bid.

Mom, Dad, and son all came to the consultation to plan the session. We found some time in the busy schedules and mom wanted to shoot at Bridgland on the nature trail. It is such an essential thing to meet the family before a shoot. It allows us to build report, and for me to get a sense of the people I will be capturing in camera. Many times kids do not come to these appointments, and I ask a lot of questions to start building an idea about the kids.  This young man did come and was so well behaved. I was able to talk and interact with him, which helped the session run smoothly.

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On session day we had a number of goals. We knew we were absolutely getting a family portrait, so we shot a number of poses. This was the essential image and why we came. We did a combination of traditional poses and some artistic and expressive poses. It might be hard to choose they are all so great.

We also made it a point to make artwork of the different relationships in the family: mom and son, dad and son, mom and dad. The little man sure had and idea of how things should go. We wanted to pose him on a fence with dad, but he loved the stump that was right next to the fence. He was definitely going to stand on the stump for a portrait with dad.

With mom we walked back by the  lake, and posed them in front of the water. We took a series of poses with mom and son. They are sweet and endearing. When I asked the little man to kiss his mommy he shot a smile at his dad, and then gave mom a sweet kiss on her forehead, but you’ll have to wait till later to see that piece.

[lightbox link=”” thumb=”×693.jpg” width=”1024″ align=”center” title=”wpc-3124″ frame=”true” icon=”image” caption=”click to see detail”]

Mom was looking so regal as she was sitting in front of the lake that I just had to take her portrait. Her guys are going to love this.


Our last goal was to get some artwork of mom and dad. This couple was so comfortable together, they shared a sweet moment when they thought I had put the camera down.


Family C, we have such great artwork from you session. I can’t wait to show you at your Exhibit.