This graduate is all about fun. Ms. Grad said that she was all about fun. At the consultation she said that she wanted to show her attitude, and fun loving personality. She described herself as adventurous and lighthearted. She knew from the start that she wanted to use balloons. Dancing is important to this grad, so we knew that we wanted to highlight this side of her senior experience. It was also important to her that she get both studio and on location portraits


 We began an eventful evening in Bridgeland. We had giggles, smiles and laughs as we move through different looks. She was eager to move onto the balloons, and we quickly learned that balloons and wind take the same patience as working with young children or animals. We had a few laughs as we dealt with tangles, and the balloons blowing in front of her face. All and all it was extremely fun. Mom got a good response posting pictures of me creating the artwork on Facebook.


As we moved to our second location at Cypress Top Tx, a historical park, we captured this girls spirit and patriotism. When she saw the large flag, she knew that she wanted to incorporate it. After creating some amazing images in the bustling park, we moved to the train tracks across the street. We were able to get both casual and formal, cap and gown images on the tracks. Her big brother joined us. I had told her to bring anything that was important to her time at high school  her brother fit the bill.


It was not time to move back to the studio. It had already been a long day, but Ms. Grad was still full of energy. The studio is a great place for crativity. I had planned a stunning portrait, to showcase her dancing. Check back her later to see this image after Ms. Grad has attened her Art Exhibit (proof session). It was so much fun to work with the lighthearted, vibrant young woman.    Senior_Girl-jacket