This is quite a remarkable young man. As with most students once you begin to look you find a dynamic individual with multi-faceted intersts.

Blaise, a student a Langham Creek High School is heavily involved in drama. So we decided to create a dramatic theme to his session. I aimed for edgy contrasty shots, that explored a range of emotions and expressions.


His first answer however when I asked him what was important to include in his portaits, was Christ. He siad, “I love Christ first everthing else comes after that!” He explained how volentering and doing missions work was an important part of who he is. From getting to know this guy, I can see that in everything he does Christ is present even if not spoken out loud. So I also had an aim to make sure that his senior portaits reflected this aspect of his life. I made sure that I shot with crosses in the background using natural objects. They are subtle, but they are there.