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The Liane Candice Fine Art experience is one-of-a-kind. Liane Candice Fine Art portrait captures your style, personality, and uniqueness.

Every portrait bearing the Liane Candice Fine Art name is handcrafted using a careful process and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Liane Candice Fine Art portrait captures memories of your family that cannot be replaced and will be handed through the generations creating memories that will last forever.

Our family is the first thing we know in this world. It is where we develop our sense of belonging…

Your family is always changing it will never be the same as it is today!

Getting to Know You


I spend time getting to know you and your family. This way we can capture the images that are the most meaningful to your family. During the consultation I want to know each person’s quirks and personality so that I can create artwork that is personal.  This is also the time we will discuss where you might  display your artwork.

Most people just know that they need to get family portraits done and don’t think about what to do with the artwork once it is done.  Knowing where artwork might go, allows us to customize the poses for the space. If you want  a landscape above the mantel it would do not good if you only have portrait options.  Additionally we discuss any special occasions? Is it someone’s birthday? Is there a special achievement? Are there any specific poses that are important to capture?

What to wear

We know that you can sport some stylish looks. So bring the wardrobe. We want to capture what makes you, you. You can change as many times during your session as time allows.

It can be overwhelming for some to choose when they have so many great outfits. We have a clothing guide to get you started and I am always happy to assist.

Popular Products

Along with traditional framed portraits and canvas, Liane Candice Fine Art Photography offers a variety of artwork options. Many families enjoy our display art such as storyboards and image blocks. For those who love to tell the whole story, we offer books and albums. You can find our more on our Artwork Page.




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