Pregnancy is beautiful – it is Bella!


Enjoy and celebrate this time. Share your joy and anticipation with family and friends. Whether you are expecting your first, fifth or somewhere in between there is just something indescribable about pregnancy. We treasure the first time we hear their heartbeat, feel the first flutter, and get a glimpse of our child through ultrasound. Maternity Portraiture is a great way to hold on to all of those precious feelings of pregnancy. I am not talking about heartburn and nausea. Remember your pregnant body looks beautiful and sexy.


For Maternity Sessions, we design Belle Books or Albums to showcase this breathtaking time. There is an unimaginable bond between mother and baby even before birth. Even siblings and spouses talk to mom’s belly to express their love to the little one. Let Liane Candice Photography create a lasting memory for you and your eager delivery.


Want to tell a complete story? Liane’s “Belle Momenti Artwork”, shows mom at early pregnancy, mid-pregnancy and with baby post delivery. This fine piece of artwork captures the anticipation, changes, and joy of motherhood.

The “Belle Momenti” package consists of three sessions. At the beginning of the pregnancy, when you are just bearly showing you will come in for a 20 – 30 min mini-session. Here is when we will begin creating your “Momenti Artwork.”

Around six to eight, months you will complete your traditional 90 min Signature Session. This is when we will get all of the traditional maternity artwork and take the second stage of the Moments process. We love to have spouses and siblings at this session.

After the baby is born, you will come in for a third shoot for the final stage of the Moments Artwork, where you will hold baby where your belly had been.  This is also your newborn sessi




Growing Family

Remember the anticipation


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