The family is at the heart and soul of what I do at Liane Candice Fine Art Photography. From the tiny newborn to the precious presence of great grandpa and grandma we celebrate what makes your family. Portraiture has a unique ability to give a sense of belonging and self-esteem. Young kids see where they belong and fit in within the group. It has been shown that displaying a portrait of a child in their bedroom increases self-esteem.

Familes are unique and no two look exactly the same. It may just be you and your furry friend that make up your family. Your family may be a large extended group with aunts, uncles, and cousins. Whether it is two or twenty we will have fun together creating artwork that everyone will treasure.

When working with young children or large groups I allow more time just so that no one feels stressed or pressured. I see myself partially as a tour guide. I want to create a great time and experience that also comes with beautiful artwork.

*Standard Signature Sessions are for 4-6 individual or a single family unit ( Parents & Children). Call for reunion or large group details.