A lot of time and effort goes into producing your artwork, from the pre-planning process to creative capture, to post-processing. Digital Files are priced accordingly. It is commonly thought that digital files will offer cost savings over traditional prints, but this is not the case. Whether we produce your final artwork or prepare Digital Files, we are investing the same time and energy into creating your artwork.

In our day and age we live such busy lives. It may take many of us a significant period of time to actually hang our artwork on the wall. Your artwork is meant for you to enjoy, not to sit in a drawer.

Because Digital Files are intangible until produced, they are often out of sight, and out of mind. It is difficult to value artwork that we cannot see. You have invested a lot in your artwork, and we want you to enjoy it every day. For this reason Digital Files are offered on a sliding scale base on artwork purchased.

Care & Backup

You are making a substantial investment in artwork and it should be protected.  Digital Files offer some peace of mind: if anything happens to your precious artwork you can recover those priceless memories and heirlooms.  We recommend creating one to two copies of your Digital Files and storing them offsite like a safety deposit box or with extended family. Whatever your goals are Digital Files offer you the flexibility and assurance of ownership for which you are looking.

Printing Your

Depending on the options selected, you will receive either a thumb drive or digital download, with high-resolution files and a use license. Additionally, we upload your artwork to vetted consumer lab. You can rest assured that the lab will produce beautiful prints, similar to the quality you would receive at Liane Candice Fine Art Photography. When ordering from this lab, you will be able to customize your products to your liking and have them delivered directly to your door.

Social Media Files

We also offer, for all of our sessions Social Images to share on your social networks, and put on your phone. We have a state of the art app that can be installed on most smartphones. Depending on the session you selected, these images are available for purchase or may come complimentary with your collection.  We find that these images are usually sufficient for what clients needs. These are low-resolution branded images suitable for the web.

Sliding Scale

Digital Complete

You can purchase the Digital Complete Package which includes all of your proofed images. Alternatively, you can purchase artwork in conjunction with the Digital Complete Package. The more artwork you purchase the lower the cost of the Digital Complete Package.

Digital Mini

Only need a select number of images? Choose the Digital Mini package and select 8 images from your session.


* Limited Edition Artwork is excluded from Digital Files