I met this family at their house in the beautiful state of Oregon, while I was traveling. We took a nice leisurely walk to a nearby park. Shoot like these are always a bit exciting, since the creativity must be spontanious.

We worked to highlight the relationship between the kids, and mom who was expecting her fifth baby. I created artwork of each child separately  with mom, being very observant to capture the nuances of their relationship. As I was working with one child, the other kids ran off to play, which eventually led to some wonderful candid shots on the playground.

The youngest and only boy was a little reluctant with the camera at first. It seemed there was a bit of shyness and a deep desire to run. By the time I was getting ready to pack up, he realized that he was the star of his own show, and began posing for me and saying, ” take one here, and here. Again. Again.”