Nancy Beaudry – Financially Amazing

When it comes to investment’s and financial planning it is all greek to me.

I met earlier this week with Financial Planner Nancy Beaudry. I created Nancy’s headshots early last year. As we spoke I would often halt the conversation and say, “Wait what is the difference between a Managed Plan and an Investment? Wait, how is an annuity different from the other things we spoke about?” Nancy was particularly gracious and more than capable of explaining things so that they made sense. From our conversation, I also learned that she appreciates helping people who have come into a sum of money from things such as divorce, inheritance, or sale of a company.



When Nancy came in for headshot she said she wanted people to think knowledgeable and approachable. I find that focusing on the characteristics and attributes that we want to convey helps us to exhibit those expressions. I take this approach with all of my headshot clients.  Sitting down with Nancy, I found that not only is she knowledgeable and approachable, she is warm and informative. I learned at lot. Thank you, Nancy.