Mom wanted a beautiful head shot of her daughter. She described a vary traditional head and shoulder shot. I could see immediately from how this young lady was dressed that she was an expressive and vibrant young lady. With teens it is important to strike a balance between the divergent interests of them and their parents. I always make it a priority to listen to my clients and find out what they want, but I also want to take images that the teen would appreciate as well. This makes the session and sales process easier for everybody.

I hit the nail on the head and the very first image I took would be the one that Mom would order.

I knew that I had the shot, but I created a few more to give mom some variation and choice. Then it was time to get creative and have fun. I had some time before my next session, so we went to different areas of the park and just played around trying different poses for silly to fanciful.

As we made our way over to the fishing pond we noticed some rocks that were partially shaded with bit of sun peaking through. I love how the sun just kisses this girls face. I took two different variations of this image from slightly differnt perspectives.  Each one has it’s own characteristics. The duck cooperating int he second photo was a nice touch.

As we made our way to a different area of the park we notice these wonderful bright orange berries on some bushes so we shot a couple of poses there. I love this image because the eyes just pop and the orange berries complement her eyes and clothes so well.
I like to see myself as an experience maker as well as an artist. The extra time spent with this young lady made for a fun afternoon for both of us. She loved seeing these fun shots, and mom still got the portrait she wanted.