If you have a large extended family, then you know how difficult it can be to get everyone together at the same time. So Moms and Dads marked their calendar and the weather would not hear of an on location portrait session. Unfortunately weather related rescheduling happen especially this time of year. So one week later we try again, and the weather obliged. The kids were able to get some rest on the way to the session, and everyone arrived in festive spirits. I was introduced to each member of the family. This is J.C. and this is J.W. and over here is J.D … My head is still spinning trying to put the right initial with the right son.

We came to get the group portrait for Grandma. The weather was not the only thing working in our favor that day. Usually with this many people we take a lot of images so that we can get a good smile on each individual. This family was ready and comfortable in front of the camera. We got our shot in just a few moments.


Grandma also wanted portraits of each of her kids families. She also had a few special requests for the grand kids as well.







As I took each family aside separately I began speaking to them and their kids, so that I could get a feel for their personality. It was wonderful when someone mentioned their favorite TV show “Dr. Who.” My kids and I also share an appreciation for this show. We looked around diligently, but absent a TARDIS we decided to take this couples pictures next to a tree.


Grandma proudly talked about grand baby number six who is on the way!



Mom, Dad, and these boys sure know how to have fun, and I don’t think that we can call them camera shy. As this is a large family of its own I chose a stylized look for their group images to set them apart form the others.



Grandma had pruchased these hats for her Longhorn fans over a year ago, and has wanted a picture of her boys ever since. I was only to happy to create something.






We also got some memorable portraits of Grandma and Grandpa. They will always be able to prove to the grand kids that they are young at heart.family_5012 family_4986

For the finally, the family had brought wood letter that spell out the family name. We took not only stills but video as well for special surprise. Check back at Liane Candice Photography to see the video.