The Custom Portrait Experience

The custom portrait experience is probably a little different from what you are accustomed to. My focus is on custom commissioned artwork. Creating artwork takes time and planning. I begin by getting to know you, and assessing your needs and desires. Through the consultation process we begin to construct a vision for your artwork. At the consultation we will address everything from the clothing, shoot locations, and the final destination of your artwork.

“My focus is on custom commissioned artwork.”

By the time you arrive at your session, a clear vision will already have been established. I work to create a relaxed and fun atmosphere. The portrait experience should be as wonderful as the artwork. I schedule an ample amount of time in order to achieve this low stress environment. I take things slowly in the beginning of the session as I get a feel for the family dynamics. I am also giving the camera shy individuals time to warm up to the idea of being photographed. Many families find that they are having such a great time, that they are a little surprised when the session is over.

“The portrait experience should be as wonderful as the artwork.”

Your Art Exhibit will be schedule about ten days after your session. We will display your best images via projection at this private appointment. Based on your initial design consultation I will personally select and edit these images for display. As always I will help as you as you make your selections. When all is said and done you have custom artwork of your family to display on your walls. Custom Portraiture is an investment. there is nothing like creating artwork of your family, and the pride and joy that comes from seeing the artwork displayed on your wall.

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