About Liane

LC Head Shot-1541

I fell in love with photography after my first son was born. There was hardly a moment that I wasn’t photographing something or someone. It was not long before I was creating portraits for friends and family.  I began to realize that I was touching others’ lives with my art. In 2006 after moving to Houston I opened my photography business.


“My brushes for creating artwork are people, personalities, and expressions.”

I love people. My brushes for creating artwork are people, personalities, and expressions. It is a gift that for a moment I get to glimpse into the life of the families I work with and share their experiences, as I translate them into artwork. I aim to create a special time and event for the families that I work with. I see myself as a tour guide, capturing a wonderful event.  Along with beautiful, artwork, I offer my families a pleasant experience.

I invite you to check out the portfolios to get a feel for my style. Please give me a call today, and we can schedule a no cost, no obligation portrait consultation.