Whether you are a casual shooter or an enthusiast you can always improve your photography. Join on of our photography classes.



  • Camera 101 – Corvallis OR, January 11, 10 am
    • Possible 2nd class at 2pm
  • Camera 201 -Late January/Early February
  • Editing & Display – Comming Soon
  • Basic Photography – Coming in February
  • Advanced Photography – Coming in March (4-week class)


    • Lighting & Strobes –
    • Album & Book Design – The Art of Storytelling
    • Wall Artwork Design & Display
    • Framing

    Please note that when you sign up your name will be displayed publicly on the class roster!

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    Camera 101

    Basic Camera Class 
    $10 Pre-Registration Jan 9th

    12 years and up

    You have a fantastic piece of equipment! Our modern cameras can do so much, but you don’t know how to take it off of auto. This class will help you get familiar with your camera so that you know what you are doing with settings. This class will go over some basic photography principles. This is your best start to creating better images. The class is 1.5 hours and includes some practicle shooting time in the studio!

    Photography 201

    Pre-requisite: General Camera Opperation
    $50 Pre-Registration

    12 years and up

    Learn how to control the exposure triangle to create the images you imagine. Know how each setting controls the look of your images and how they work together. Then apply this knowledge in the real world. 

    This is a two class course with assignments and studio time.

    Digital Darkroom

    Editing & Finishing

    12 years and up

    Whether the destination is Instagram, your walls, or a photo album editing and finishing your creations is an important step in creating photographic art. Good retouching and processing are essential in the photography workflow. By now you have accumulated a large number of digital images. What do you do with all of these files? How do you sort them?

    We will look at a number of different editing suits from free to premium, like GIMP & Lightroom. Understanding the digital darkroom will also give you a deeper understanding of how you need to capture images.

    Camera 102

    Basic Camera Class 
    $20 Pre-Registration TBD

    12 years and up

    This is a two hour class with hands-on training. Get more one to one instructions and learn the fine details about your cameral. Class size is limited to 6 people to so that each student can get personalized instruction. This class will be offered in early February.

    Private Classes

    Personalized Instruction
    $30 per hour plus materials

    8 years and up

    Sometimes you just want that one to one personalized instruction. Course material will be designed to meet your needs and goals. All instruction will be tailored to your equipment and assignments will be personally designed to help you meet your goals. 

    Instruction can be on any material including, camera, photography, editing, lighting or any other specific request. Have something in mind. Give us a call and we can chat about what your personal course would look like.


    Intro to Lighting

    Strobes and Light  Modifiers

    12 years and up

    Once you have grasped how to create images with available light, it is time to look at how to manipulate or even control that light. Photographers use a myriad of things to shape and control light, from reflectors to strobes and other modifiers.

    Photography 202

    Pre-requisite: Basic Photography or Equivalent
    $120 Pre-Registration TBD

    12 years and up

    This class will be meeting weekly for four weeks. Each class is 60 min long. We will discuss posing, basic lighting, image styles, and editing. At the beginning of the class you choose a project to work on and as we work through the material you will have an opportunity to complete your project.

    You will also be added to the Class Facebook group. Share your work with the group and receive help from your peers and instructor.

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