Photography Classes

Want to become a better photographer. Join on of our photography classes. 

Upcomming Clases

Camera 101 – Jan 11, 10 am

Learn how to use your camera and take those settings off of auto. This class helps students learn how to set up and use the features of thier camera. It includes some instruction on basic photography. Students will also have an oppertunity to practice what they learn in the studio.

Advanced Camera -TBD

Take complete control over your camera and learn how to make do what you want it to within the limits of the equipmet. 

Basic Photography – TBD

Understanding the basics of photography is the key to creating photos rather than taking them. Learn what your camera is donig and how you can take creative control to create imagry that stands out form others.

Class Schedule

Please note that when you sign up your name will be displayed publicly on the class roster!

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Camera 10

Basic Camera Class (DLSR & Mirrorless)
$10 Pre-Registration Jan 9th

12 years and up

You have a fantastic piece of equipment! Our modern cameras can do so much, but you don’t know how to take it off of auto. This class will help you get familiar with your camera so that you know what you are doing with settings. This class will go over some basic photography principles. This is your best start to creating better images. The class is 1.5 hours and includes some practicle shooting time in the studio!