These are not your ordinary school pictures.  As a mom myself, I got tired of the same standard school portraits year in and year out. When the local home school group was looking for school pictures I knew I wanted to do something different. In addition to wanting to avoid the hum drum of school pictures I knew that these clients are not the average school picture people.

I set the sessions up a local park and shot on two different days. We opened the session to everyone in the family including pets and group shots. I love this image of this certainly not school age little girl.

Baby girl coos at mom

I had mom lean against a tree in front of the fishing pond. We positioned baby girl on her knee and had mom talk to her. After a few short moments baby girl began to coo at mom. I took so many excellent portraits of baby girl that it was difficult to narrow it down to only two shots.

baby girl at the lake

Moms hand in the portrait and the eye contact from baby girl express a relationship that makes this portrait more than just a school picture.

Baby girl’s brother was a ham. He came to the session with his arm in a sling. Some of moms first words were, “it will be a miracle if he makes it to nine!” Mom did not mind the cast and sling, but I still worked hard to keep it hidden. After just a few moments of shooting it was clear that this young man was adventurous. third grade boy on location portraitBlond elementary boy in red shirtHe was so comfortable in front of the camera that he immediately  began making some silly poses. I told him that for every nice picture he made form mom I would take a funny one. We were done in just a few short minutes.