On Saturday a dozen or more friends got together to play. Every third Saturday Jean B. at Springboard NW hosts play days. Whether her guests are coming to practice thinking on their feet, to aid in their character development or to get comfortable speaking in front of others, everybody has a great time.


This week I was invited to play in the games, and I had a great time. Our goal for this session was becoming someone else. We went through an exercise where we noticed the tension in our body, and used that to help us create a new character. We had characters from body builders to interior designers, to awkward teenagers.


Each of our characters were interviewed by the group in order to help us flesh out their personality. We were asked on the fly to develop backstory, like dreams and ambition, or difficult relationships. When we were done getting to know each of our characters we broke up into groups and preformed a scene where our characters new each other.

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