Mom came to me and said that she loves portraits, which shows with how many portraits she has of her baby. Big sis however, was clearly being outpaced on the walls. It was her time to shine. Mom wanted to capture the spirit of her oldest and to get a nice piece of artwork that would make her daughter smile. She also decided that a family portrait and one or two images of baby girl would also be nice. It was a wonderful time, and a beautiful day.

Big sis came prepared for her time to shine. She packed up her favorite clothes, and brought some props. Mom and big sis, had some wonderful ideas for what they wanted. Big sis plays violin so we just had to create artwork with the violin.

 I set up a story where the violinist is preparing to preform, she delivers a beautiful performance  and then she start to have  some fun standing on the chair and  fiddling.  I can just imagine a party with everyone dancing. To complete the story I had big sis walk away carrying her violin and bow behind her. I love the shots of her walking off.

Mom wanted to showcase the different attributes of her daughter. She wanted to show her fun and happy side. It was also important to mom to have images of this wonderful sister, and the relationship that she has with lil’ sis. Mom is very proud of big sis who is quite accomplished academically. We posed big sis with a book and glasses, and peeked in on her just enjoying her story. Of course we had to create artwork of mother and daughter. We shot them as they shared a lighthearted moment on a bench. Later it was Dad’s turn. We wanted to capture that special feeling between a dad and his daughter. We created some treasured  images of the the two of them walking together.

Of course we did not want to leave little sis out of the fun, so she dawned her cute chery jumper and we got a sweet sunset shot.