Mom had been working hard for months planning a spectacular event. Custom outfits had been made. Invitations had been sent. Reservations had been made. Decorations had were hand crafted, all to match an ice cream  parlor theme.  No detail had been left undone from the party favors to the lemon-aide.

Cake, lemon-aide, and presents


It was Baby Girls first birthday, and she was back visiting family in Houston for the occasion. It is time to celebrate, and there are pleanty of friends and family to throw a grand ole party. This prescios little one has spent most of her time away from doting grandparents, aunts uncles and friends. It is clear from the beginning that these loved ones were just itching to soak up as much of this beautiful birthday bird as they could.


Lets pray - we are glad we are together

The last bit of planning was to have Liane Candice Photography capture the day. We aimed to get a mix of candid and formal poses throughout the day. Mom knew that there were some key moments that were important to her such as the smash cake portrait, and the subsequent bath portrait and ruffled bottom bloomers. She wanted to enjoy her time but also wanted to document the day. In fact we just have too many portraits to share in one post.

Baby Girl eats a smash cake

Baby girl in ruffle bottom bloomers

It was quite apparent how important friends and family were to Baby Girl and her parents. At shoots like these we try to fade into the background to capture the precious interactions. and moments. These little moments are the real substance of this party. The little moments are the stories that Baby Girl will hear for years as she grows up. The moments are what family and friends will remember. They will tell Baby Girl about how they gave her a pink blow-pop, and how she would give Papa kisses for it over and over again. She will also hear the stories of just how sticky she and grandpa got showing off their new act. These are also the timeless moments that Mom and Dad will treasure.  when all of the traces of baby rolls have faded, Mom wants  to tell Baby Girl the story of her first birthday party.

Baby girl give grandpa kisses

Mom glances at baby birthday girl

dad nuzzles baby's cheek

Thank you Baby Girl for letting us be a part of your day!