This couple is celebrating 65 years of marriage this year and their great niece said their wedding portraits were long overdue. Sixty-five year is truly something to celebrate and quite a long time to wait for portraits. I met with them in their home for their portrait consultation. The couple wanted to keep the session very low key, saying that they tire easily, but they were so blessed by the gift from their niece. We discussed creating the artwork at their church, but finally decided to shoot in their home.


I wanted to take a stylized approach to their artwork. I used traditional poses that you would have seen back when they got married. Even though I was shooting in color, I was thinking black and white. This approach allowed me to fade the images and convert them easily. All of the images have a yesteryear feel to them.

bin-2895 bin-2923


Fine Art Painting – Watercolor on Cotton Rag

I also prepared quite a number of Fine Art paintings. This heirloom  artwork is quite artistic and conveys a sentimental quality of a treasure to be passed on and on. Click on the paintings below to see more detail.


Fine Art Painting – Oil on Canvas

I had asked Mrs. B what her favorite flower was, and set off before the shoot to pick up some lilies. Every bride needs a beautiful bouquet. I was careful though not to make it look like a formal bouquet. Mrs. B’s eyes lit up when she saw the flowers. She was in such a rush to put them in a vase. When I told her we would use them in the shoot she was very pleased.
bin-2920 bin-2-2

The shoot was so much fun, and this couple is a pleasure to be around. They have a wealth of wisdom that I think our generation often overlooks. It was clear that they we so very much in love. When I posed them looking at each other Mr. B asked if he could kiss his bride. As we moved things in the house to create our backdrops, they told me stories about their little trinkets.

It is quite remarkable, 65 years!

Enjoy your artwork Mr. and Mrs. B!